CRÓNICAS Y DELIRIOS | Message from Venezuela to USA people

Igor Delgado Senior


Dear people of United States:

First that all a solidary salutation of your fraternity venezuelan people in these difficult moments by cause the devastating and hodid Covid 19, with near 160.000 victims and millions of persons without shambas or work. We send our condolences and forts embraces; ¡that God, Joseph Gregory and the rest of saints help you from the firmament!

The venezuelan pandemia (bread-demia, in english) is very controlled with respect other states; Covid tests are free, exist a quarantine size medium, fortunately we have few deaths in comparation many republics, cuban doctors are added to ours medicals, and the population comply the confined, except some “greats eggs” that does not using a mask… and makes brunches or bonches until exit the sun, ¡it’s incredible but really, my friends!

Is very important speak to you about our situation economic-politic by cause the blockeo of EEUU versus this bolivarian nation (wihout bolívares): we don´t have sufficiently medicines, new post of job ni repost for vehicles or machines; the accounts publics outside are congellated on a Frigidaire criminaly, Washington raspinflay CITGO and our golden black, London raspinflay our golden yellow, is prohibited the importation of necessary food-Clap, TODAY restant zeros at bolívar fort.

The Department of State don´t state quiet one second in his amenaces against Venezuela, the Command Southern se sourt every week of sofisticated arms for nous invaders without armisticius, the Pentagon too prepare mercenaries mediant fuccas, luccas and similars in Hotel Penélope of Cuccuta, they buy journalists by dozenas to write fake news about Venezuela; they defame and accuse us of narco-terrorists, they nominated to Guaudó as catchorro of USA in Assembly National…and I stop the recount for not cry (¡of arrechery heavy!)

Identical to films western, the government yanky offered a recompense of millions dollars for the heads of President Nicholas Maduro Moors, general Godfather López, Diosgiven Hair, Maikel a judge Moreno, and others. Also imposed sanctions to Nicholas little Maduro, son of president, to the first combattient in Miraflowers Cilia Flowers and 200 persons more. Also the government gringo study the offert “Two heads by price of three” in case funcionarys that are brothers, for example Rodríguez Gómez (George-Delcy) and Villegas Poljac (Ernst-Asian).

We say goodbye, dear people, attentive to the latest problems of racial violence in that country, with the incoming reflection in spanglish about elections of november: “Trump pelosi ball, que not pence ni during one minute in the triumph, su fracaso is e-Biden-te, the best es que vaya re-Sander y acept los resultados because de lo contrary Abrams líos y se puede formar un tronco de Pom-peo”.

Bye, bye until victory always

Igor Delgado Senior